Frequently asked questions

Got some questions that need answering? Pretty much everything is below, but if you have a specific question please feel free to ask your function coordinator.
  1. What is included in my function booking
    We provide tables and chairs, white linen table cloths, crockery and cutlery and glassware, should you require anything additional we have some styling products etc available for hire or your welcome to bring along anything additional.
  2. What is a minimum spend requirement?
    We don't charge you a fee to hire our function spaces all we ask is that your final bill come to $500 or more. "minimum spend"
  3. Why do you not tentatively hold bookings
    Please know whilst we don't book functions over already active enquiries to keep it fair for everyone we operate on a first come first served basis with bookings. if you're interested fill out a booking form and we can go from there.
  4. What if I need to cancel?
    Remember we try to be as flexible as possible, but if you cancel your booking within a 72 hour period you will be billed for your entire minimum spend.
  5. Can I bring my own cake?
    YES! of course you can, we do however charge a small fee of $1 per person cakeage. Also we can quote you on a cake as well as we make them in house.
  6. Can I bring a lolly buffet?
    Yes, please note you only have 30 minute setup time before your function starts.
  7. How close to the event do I need to finalise details
    We operate on a 7 day in advance system, so your food and beverage must be placed before the cut off point.
  8. If I need help on the day who do I speak to?
    One of our experienced Function Supervisors will be with you from start to finish to ensure your event is a success. Our Function Supervisor will greet you as you arrive to discuss the days proceedings and any procedures which may apply to your event (such as fire evacuations, amenities, etc).
  9. Can I provide my own catering?
    unfortunately no.
  10. When and how do I pay for my function?
    You must make full payment on the day of your event before departure. We also accept payment in advance.
  11. Do you do weddings?
    Yes! we have weddings here all the time, please enquire for a wedding information booklet
  12. Can you help us find a supplier to help us?
    Yes we have a preferred supplier list to help with your function.
  13. Can we move function spaces?
    Yes if there isn't any other bookings on the same day/timeslot
  14. Is there parking available?
    Yes, there is plenty of street parking